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There are plenty of apps out there that will help you get organized, from writing your grocery list to balancing your checkbook. But not all of them will take the seemingly never-ending list of things on your “to do” list and organize them in order of importance. With Prioritizer, an app brought to you by Socially Conscious Software, you’ll always do those tasks with the highest priority first.

Prioritizer is a complete personal organizer that allows you to manage and edit any and every task on your list. To ensure you don’t forget anything, it’s also easy to add subtasks, so you can remind yourself of the little details as you think of them.

Say you have a homework assignment for History. Adding this task to Prioritizer is easy – just select new task in the Task Manager and enter the name (History Homework), followed by a description (essay on chapter 12). Below the description is a priority bar; simply slide the tab to the right to increase the numerical value of your task. The number is shown on the right, one being low priority, ten being the highest.

You can also select a due date for the task, because the longer you put it off, the higher a priority it becomes! The tasks you enter are limited only by your imagination, from shopping trips to portfolio presentations and account management, each one with a personally assigned priority number.

Once you have all of your tasks and subtasks entered, just click on the Prioritizer tab. Using the priority number you gave each one, the Prioritizer will sort all of your subtasks numerically and generate a list of your ten most urgent tasks, so you know what you need to tackle first.

Each subtask is given either a high, medium, or low priority rating that you can see when you view it in the Task Manager window. It’s also very simple to remove a completed task from the list by selecting complete, which sends the item to the Completed section in Task Manager.

To do lists are great, but why not use one that will make sure you never forget the really important tasks again? Prioritizer is a great app for staying on top of everything going on in your life.

Prioritizer requires the iPhone OS 3.0 or later and is compatible with both the iPhone and iPod Touch.


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