Defend Your Tree-House in Nut Chuckin’

Price: $2.99     Rating:  9/10    By: Sarah ParkerNut Chuckin'

The entertaining game Nut Chuckin’, from developer Ghost Hand Games, is about a little squirrel named Risoo. Risoo is living a good life in a nice tree when one day, thug squirrels decide they like Risoo’s home too and want to have it for themselves. Risoo works hard to protect his home from the bad squirrels, who subsequently launch an acorn assault on Risoo’s tree. The player of Nut Chuckin’ has to help Risoo defend his tree-house by defeating the would-be thieves.

Although Nut Chuckin’ has an easy to understand game concept, it is actually quite challenging. Rogue squirrels toss acorns at Risoo, who must dodge them (by tilting the iPhone left or right) or catch them (by tapping the on-coming nut). Because Risoo has no ammo of his own, he can’t simply dodge nuts all day. In order to move on to the next stage of each level, Risoo must defeat every squirrel in that stage, requiring him to catch and launch back the acorns. It can take more than one hit to defeat each squirrel, and sometimes the other squirrels will dodge the projectile nuts, making the game even more challenging.

Nut Chuckin’ has three different levels, with each level consisting of 4 stages. Each level and stage get progressively difficult, with the enemy squirrels becoming more mobile,  and each squirrel requiring more hits to defeat. In the last stage of each level, Risoo squares off against 1 very large and stubborn squirrel named Angus. Once he is defeated, the player can then move on to the next level.

Nut Chuckin’ is a great game that is very well developed. The graphics and animation are superb, and the game play is fun and challenging. The instructions in this game are animated, making even learning the simple instructions fun. With its cartoon-like graphics and addictive game play, Nut Chuckin’ may quickly become one of my favorites.

Nut Chuckin’ requires the iPhone OS 2.2.1 or later and is compatible with iPhone and iPod Touch.

Note: A new update (v. 1.2) of Nut Chuckin’ has been added to the game. Some of the new features include Risoo’s nut deflecting powers (which are activated when he is holding a nut). Risoo can also keep his nut from a previous stage when he enters a new stage, and you do not have to re-do the entire level when Risoo is knocked out of a tree. There is also new artwork and revised game play for levels 2 and 3.

Also available in the iTunes app store is Nut Chuckin’ Lite, which features the first level of the original game for free!


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