mySupplements Takes the Guesswork out of Supplementation

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If you are serious about fitness or just want to maintain a healthy weight, you know how important it is to get the right supplements in your diet. There are literally hundreds of fitness supplements on the market, each one vying for a piece of your cash. How do you decide what supplements to take to enhance your fitness goals? Rob Kreider, a professional bodybuilder and personal trainer, has developed the application mySupplements, which guides people to the right supplements and the right dosages for their specific physical and training needs.

To begin using mySupplements, the user must first enter all personal information into the Settings category. The required information includes birth date, height, weight, lifestyle (whether you are active or sedentary), and body measurements (waist, hips, etc.). You can choose to use either English or Metric measurements in the Settings category. Once these have all been entered, then you can proceed to the main page where you choose your workout goal for that particular day (goals include weight gain, weight loss, build muscle, and endurance training). The goals, however, do not include weight maintenance, which would be a nice addition.

You also enter in the type of workout you plan on performing that day. The app then calculates the following for you: your daily caloric needs, recommended macronutrient percentages, and recommended supplements for pre, middle, and post workout. Each supplement listed comes with a short explanation of it’s benefits and the best dosage. A really nice feature of mySupplements is the Quick List category, which gives you a simple list of your supplements with their dosages for that day’s goals. When you enter all your measurement and weight info, the program also saves this data in the Tracking category so you can keep track of your fitness progress over time.

mySupplements is great for beginners in fitness who do not know where to start with supplements, and for people who want to take their workouts to the next level through supplementation. Long time fitness enthusiasts can also benefit if they need help simplifying their supplement choices if they take too many. Users can actually save money by getting info on the most important supplements for their specific goals, so they are not buying unnecessary extras.

mySupplements requires the iPhone OS 3.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone and iPod Touch.


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