Mixologist is ‘A Day at the Beach’

Price: $0.99    Rating: 9/10    By Anna PapachristosMixologist: Drink Recipes

Whether you are a bartender or a party host, Mixologist by Digital Outcrop is the one app that allows you to have your liquor and drink it, too!  Mixologist provides users with recipes to over 7900 different drinks, featuring over 1300 types of ingredients.

Mixologist’s home page supplies users with a main menu that enables them to browse through an alphabetized list of every drink recipe, browse by category or ingredient, link to their favorite concoctions, access their list of custom drink recipes they input, and even find local liquor stores using GPS and Google maps.

Categories are broken down into cocktails, martinis, shooters, Jell-O shots, hot drinks, punches and non-alcoholic.  Users can also search based on ingredients, such as liquor, mixers and garnish, and are then directed to a list of all drinks that can be made using such items.

Mixologist also features a “Liquor Cabinet”, which allows users to list their available ingredients and mixers to see what possible concoctions they can create.

The random tab lets users shake it up a bit with a slot-machine interface that, when the device is shaken, randomly picks a liquor, non-alcoholic drink (such as juice or soda) and a form of glassware and tells you what drink you can make with that specific combination.  One can also spin the wheels manually or press the “Mix It Up” button for the same results.

Great for beginners, the bartending tab is ideal for those who are looking to learn the terminology and tips a bartender must know for great success.  This tab teaches you about the various forms of glassware, tools of the trade, terminology, how to stock your bar, and tips and tricks.

The more tab allows you set your preferred unit of measure, either Imperial (U.S.) or Metric, as well as recommend the app to a friend, write a review, clean out your cabinet and favorites list, and access the help and support information for Mixologist. Users can even share their favorite recipes via email, Twitter and Facebook.

At the mere price of $.99, this comprehensive app is a hard one to pass up.  Even those who abstain from alcohol can find an extensive list of creative drink mixes that are sure to please even the pickiest of palettes.  

Mixologist requires iPhone OS 2.0 or later and is compatible with the iPhone and iPod Touch.


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  1. Tracy says:

    I wonder how this squares with the 5800+ Cocktails and Drinks Free app (good review on http://www.apptroll.com). Obviously, there are more drinks in Mixology, but is it worth it to pay $.99 for an additional 2000 recipes? I’ll have to try it and see.

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