iManga Reader Both Fulfilling and Fun

Price: $3.99    Rating: 10/10    By Anna PapachristosiManga Reader

Hold on to your cosplays, everyone – Studio Bebop has created a gold mine for all those manga and anime enthusiasts out there!  Now, with the iManga Reader, fans can access countless manga series on-the-go with the tap of a button.

Linked to One Manga, iManga Reader brings every series available on the site to the palm of your hand.  Users can tap the “Pick A Series” button to begin sifting through the available series alphabetically, or search for a specific series in the search bar at the top of the screen.

As readers come across titles that capture their attention, all one must do is tap on the name to be taken to a page revealing the manga’s cover art.  The button in the top right corner provides details about the series, such as its title, license, source, author, artist, genre, available chapters, the date of the series’ last update, and a summary.

Hitting the back button, readers return to the cover art and the two buttons at the bottom of the screen.  The button on the bottom left allows users to mark the particular series as a favorite.  Users can then access their marked favorites through the main menu of the app.  The button on the bottom right of the screen allows users to begin reading the manga, taking them to a menu list of all the available chapters.

Once you start reading, you can zoom in or out on any given page simply by expanding or contracting your fingers as you would in most other apps.  iManga Reader also lets you effortlessly move the page with your finger so you can focus in closely on the specific frame you are reading.  Readers can move from page to page by tapping the “Next” button in the bottom right corner.  If you close out of iManga Reader while reading, the app will ask you if you’d like to continue reading on your last viewed page upon your return.

For a YouTube demonstration of exactly how iManga Reader works, visit Studio Bebop’s site dedicated to the app itself here.

While iManga Reader provides access to more popular, mainstream manga series such as Death Note, Naruto and Bleach, their access to the One Manga library puts classics, like Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, as well as up-and-coming series, like Romeo x Juliet, into a portable, easy-to-use format.  One of the most comprehensive and fulfilling apps out there for the manga fan, iManga Reader comes with a high recommendation, even for the anime/manga novice.

iManga Reader requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later and is compatible with the iPhone and iPod Touch.


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22 Responses to “iManga Reader Both Fulfilling and Fun”

  1. Philip says:

    Like with the Pokédex App, is this app really legal and fair?

    It’s pulling data off the OneManga servers without the advertisements or anything, so it’s essentially hotlinking the websites information, and would caused significant costs to OneManga’s service providers and web hosts.

    As far as I know, OneManga aren’t under a specific Open Source license, but it’s still not fair play to make something like this and charge for it, when the they’re the one’s providing the manga and the server costs, and this application is gaining revenue for their efforts.

  2. Kevin says:

    So Studio Bebop is selling a commercial product that not only steals server resources directly from a website (while not displaying the advertisements that help keep the website up, no less), but the contents of the website are copyrighted works?

    Wow. This is a lawsuit waiting to happen. Unless Studio Bebop has agreements with all of the respective copyright holders stating that they can make money by displaying the works of their authors – which I doubt.

    Here’s a tip for Studio Bebop: Just because a website (probably illegally) displays copyrighted works doesn’t mean you should be selling applications that display said copyrighted works.

  3. Kim Kardash says:

    When will Version 1.1 come out? I’m sick and tired of waiting for Landscape Mode to be included next! C’mon Studio Bebop, get ur act together and have Apple approve it!

  4. BulbapediaSupporter579 says:

    Studio Bebop = Thief

  5. Fenrir007 says:

    Well, since they are stealing onemanga, I bet they wont mind me stealing their app on my jailbroken

  6. Jon says:

    Do you always have to be connected to the internet for this to work or can you download the manga onto the device?

  7. Snowblind says:

    this app and all other apps made by the thieves at studioebop have been remove from the app store

  8. Flame says:

    The icons used in this app are stolen from this artist.

    Spread the word people, these guys are stealing.

  9. Nox says:

    Assholes, this is the best App ever, and now it crashed due to you fucking morale Fans.


  10. Snowblind says:

    the app didnt crash, im still using it without a problem.

  11. Taylor says:

    ya so how much does it cost??

  12. hentaivine says:

    Hmm the app is still working fine for me Nox.

  13. mattanime says:

    Are all of you retarded? I’m talking to the people who think this is stealing. Mangas are a Japanese made book that have copyright infringements in there own country, why you ask because it is all written in Japanese. some people translate these mangas for fun and they do not get paid though they do accept donations. It is not illegal to read these mangas, but keeping downloads of them are. i bet almost everyone in this little discussion doesn’t even know you can just read it on-line for free and its legal same as you can watch the anime version on-line but in japan you cant. see we live in a country called America and even though we may have rules banning other countries to not copy our movies, in japan they don’t give a shit. Mostly because there not major dicks and idiots like most Americans. and whoever thought that this is illegal just proves my theory that most Americas are idiots just look at this argument. the “thieves” that you call them are nothing but the same kind of people who put the mangas on-line for people to enjoy reading and to make a quick buck. the people who made this app did not do anything illegal or they wouldnt have got here in the first place. You fucking retards ruined a good few yrs of mangas for me because something, that did not effect you guys, that seemed wrong could be deleted. and because all you do is spend all this time on the internet because you have no lives of your own. get the fuck out and things that dont bother no one should not be bothered.

  14. Slash101 says:

    WTF is your prob people? It’s just reading manga ON THE PHONE that’s linked to another website….. Don’t have to freak about it

  15. greg says:

    has this app stopped working for anyone?

  16. mattanime says:

    it has stopped for me, and for your information slash101 its not the app we like the most its more of the convenience. theres like 10 other apps that lets you read mangas for free but this was the easiest one of them and there are tons of mangas on here that are not on the others like bleach, one piece, and naruto. to name a few. we all can go online to check it out but first we have to look for it second once we find it we have to find out how to read it since alot of sights have different ways of putting them in order last this imanga app. and on a side note i have an iphone so i dont have to carry around a laptop everywhere i go. i read mangas on my break at work. an if you think that we are just lazy its like this would u rather have to clean your laundry by hand or use a washer and dryer? both of them clean your clothing but wich one is more convenient?
    ps its a bitch to find my mangas online. and when i do it take forever to load just one page. i use to watch the anime versions online but loading took to long so thats why i took up reading it instead.

    anyway i hope they can fix what wrongs they did in apples eyes. i see nothing wrong with what they did. i need my daily dose of manga lol. oh and people who want it back good for you not just bitching at the wrongs they did like the other fuckers.

  17. Chico says:

    This app fails. One Manga removed all content from their website. This app is now invalid.

  18. Greg says:

    Ya I believe that this will be out of commission for a long time if not forever, the site in which this app got all of it’s manga has shut down it’s manga reading component of the site and without that the imanga app will not be able to operate. The only wAy that this app will ever be able to run again would be if the manga people decide to use a new website to use to get the manga.

  19. Zin says:

    You are all fucking retards these geniuses put this app together for awesome people to enjoy! fuck all the haters! And there having a huge update for the app but none of you could understand that brcause ur all spoiled braindead fat ass retards!

  20. Zin says:

    Rock on mattanime!!!!

  21. LenningPogi says:

    OneManga is dead!!!!!!!!!!!!! And so is this APP!!!!!!

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