iDavid: Mentalist Card Magic Tricks for the iPhone

Price: $0.99    Rating: 9/10    By Michelle SchustermaniDavid: Card Magic

I love real card tricks, but I was always too hopelessly awkward to pull them off. However even I can raise a few eyebrows with iDavid.

iDavid: Card Magic, an app developed by General Arcade, is based on the well-known but always exciting mentalist mind reading trick. Pick a card, any card, memorize it…and iDavid will name that card right, every time.

The app is simple but easy to use, with cute graphics. Users should definitely take time to read the instructions and give the program a few practice runs before testing it out on a friend.

How do you play? Have your victim name any card in a 36 card deck (that means no cards two through five). For added effect – and to help you out (trust me) – get a real deck and get the chosen card out for everyone to see.

Put your iPhone on a table where everyone can see and hit start. iDavid will appear with a fun question for the victim, anything from favorite color to inquiries about vampire lineage. (The questions are multiple choice.) Read the questions aloud, choose the answer, hit next, and repeat three more times.

Finish answering the fourth question, and iDavid will reveal the chosen card.

Does it work? Yes, definitely. But again, users should give it a few practice runs after reading the instructions. Full disclosure: The first time I tried it out on someone else, I forgot what card she chose halfway through the questions and couldn’t stop laughing. But I had her choose another card, restarted the game, and it worked perfectly!

How does it work? According to the creators:

“Actually there is no magic here, just WiFi shortwaves in the iPhone absorb brain fluctuations that occurring during mental activity, which allows it to define the required card.”

Skeptical? That’s okay…in my opinion, $0.99 is a pretty good price to pay to see for yourself. This clever game will definitely make a few mouths drop.

iDavid requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later and is compatible with the iPhone and iPod Touch


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