Hostile Waters Seems Simple, But Can Be Difficult to Play

Price: $1.99    Score: 5/10    By Sarah ParkerHostile Waters

Hostile Waters, is a battleship game developed by Jeen Entertinment. Hostile Waters is a no frills game, with simple animation and a simple concept: destroy enemy vessels and helicopters with your battleship-mounted cannon. In this game, the player controls either a cannon or a BALCAN gun to destroy enemy battleships, subs, missiles, or helicopters that are approaching your vessel.

The player can control the direction, power, and angle of trajectory for the cannon and BALCAN through touch controls. In the Options category, the user can adjust the difficulty level between Easy, Normal, or Hard. In addition, the touch panel sensitivity can be changed between three levels. Once you have destroyed the enemies  in one level, you can then move forward to the next level. Hostile Waters has 10 game levels, each with increasing difficult and new enemies. The game is made more challenging by the fact that your own battleship is subjected to enemy fire.When hit, your battleship will shake, making aiming difficult. If your ship is hit enough times, it will sink and the game will end.

Although this game seems simple enough, there are a few complications. Playing the game beyond the second level is hard, even on the easy setting, because it is very difficult to get the angle of trajectory just right when shooting at the helicopters. The instructions for the game in the Help section are short and need a little more explanation. Also, the fire button for the cannon/BALCAN is almost on the lower edge of the screen. The fire button is small, and it’s location button can pose a problem for people who have a protective case on their iPod touch (like I do). However, you can get around this problem by setting the fire button to “auto” in Options, allowing the cannon/BALCAN to continuously fire so you don’t have to push the fire button constantly.

Another drawback is that the enemy ammunition coming at your battleship is exactly the same as the cannon fire aimed at the enemy, so when there is considerable crossfire, it is impossible to tell who is shooting what and where.  Overall, Hostile Waters has a good battleship game concept, but could use some more improvements to make game play more enjoyable.

Hostile Waters requires the iPhone OS 2.2.1 or later and is compatible with the iPhone and iPod Touch.


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