GPS Me for iPod Touch: Share Your Location With Everyone

Price: $3.99    Score: 8/10    By Michelle SchustermanGPS Me for iPod Touch

From Big Hill Software comes another app that puts GPS technology to work on your iPod Touch.

GPS Me for iPod Touch is a quick and easy way to save and share your exact location with all your friends through Facebook, Twitter, and email. If you don’t want everyone under the sun to know where you are, it’s also a great way to save the address and direction to the cool new restaurant you found, or map exactly where your tour bus stopped so you can come back later for a longer visit.

How does it work? Open GPS Me and you’ll see one large button. Tap it, and the iPod Touch will automatically locate where you are to within a degree of your choosing. You can adjust by selecting Settings, then change the unit of measure (imperial or metric), the calculation time (up to two minutes), and the desired GPS accuracy (up to 1640 feet or 500 meters).

Once GPS Me has located your position, the app allows you to name the location. Feel free to type a full message here, as this is what will appear to readers when you send it. You enter a different message for the same location multiple times if you wish.

You have the option of sending and saving the message, or just sending. Saving the message adds it to your favorites for easy access next time you’re there. GPS Me allows you to send your location through email, Facebook, or Twitter. Just enter your username and password, and the message is sent along with your latitude and longitude and a link to Google maps pinpointing your location.

Not big on Twitter? Do you live through Facebook’s live feed? All of these functions are available separately (GPS Book, GPS Tweet, and GPS Mail), but GPS Me for iPod Touch gives you all three with a saving of two dollars. If you’d prefer just one, they are available for $1.99 each.

Of course, with the iPod Touch you’ll need to be in a WiFi hotspot in order for the app to function. So while this is great for letting your friends know what cafe you’re hanging out at, it won’t help out when a flat tire has you stranded on the highway.

But GPS Me for iPhone will! If you’ve got an iPhone, GPS Me includes all of these features plus GPS Text, which allows you to send all of your location information in a text message.

For iPod Touch users, this is a fun and useful app for sharing even more information about your every move with followers and friends.

GPS Me for iPod Touch requires iPod Touch running iPhone OS 3.0 or later.


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