GPS Mail: Email a Google Map Link of Your Location Fast

Price: $1.99    Score: 9/10    By Michelle SchustermanGPS Mail

Stumbled across a great sale at a little out-of-the-way boutique? Found a spot to barbecue at the lake that isn’t crawling with people? Here’s a fast way to let someone know exactly where to find you at the touch of a button.

GPS Mail, designed by Big Hill Software, uses the iPhone’s GPS system to pinpoint exactly where you are, then allows you to email a Google map of the spot to whomever you choose.

The app is simple to use. Just tap the orange button, and the spinning globe indicates that GPS Mail is searching for your location. You can adjust the settings to fit your needs by changing the unit of measure to imperial or metric, changing the amount of time the app takes to find you up to two minutes, and changing the accuracy up to 1640 feet or 500 meters.

Once GPS Mail locates your position, you have the option of sending, or sending and saving. If you’re in a spot that you frequently visit, it’s a good idea to save it. The map is added to your favorites, which you can access from the main page, so next time you’re there it’s even easier to send.

After tapping save, your email opens with the latitude, longitude, and accuracy already in the message, along with a link to Google maps. All you have to do is type in any email address you choose, along with an additional message if you like. Tap done, and that’s it!

GPS Mail works great, and could potentially be helpful in urgent or emergency situations. Keep in mind if you have an iPod Touch that this app is only useful if you’re in a wi-fi zone.

If email is old news and you prefer texting, GPS Text (for iPhone only) provides the same service via text message. And for those who want everyone to know exactly where they are, GPS Book and GPS Tweet share the spot you’re standing in with all your friends and followers on Facebook and Twitter.

Each app is available for $1.99. If you’d like all four, consider GPS Me for iPhone, which gives you Mail, Book, Tweet, and Text for $4.99. Because the iPod Touch doesn’t support text messaging, a separate package (GPS Me for iPod Touch) with the three apps minus Text is available for $3.99.

If you find yourself trying to type directions in an email on your iPhone frequently, this app can save you loads of time. Definitely worth the low price.

GPS Mail requires the iPhone OS 3.0 or later and is compatible with both iPhone and iPod Touch (2nd generation).


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