Like Picking Apart Music? Say Hello To Erahidaeon Audio Player

Price: $2.99    Rating: 7/10    By Joey BrightErahidaeon Audio Player

If you like picking apart music, Erahidaeon Audio Player is the app for you. Developed by, The primary use of Erahidaeon Audio Player is to make “marks” on any song in your library. These marks can be saved, and then accessed later when you need them. Users can mark their favorite part in a song, a place in the song they want to show their friends, or even use them to calculate beats per minute. These points in the song can also help with learning instruments and listening comprehension.

While the primary feature of Erahidaeon is making these marks in music, there are several other options to explore. Users can replay a certain point in the song over and over, or choose to listen to the song while ignoring all marks. Your song marks are automatically saved on your iPhone, and users have the option to delete all the marks they created with the simple touch of a button in the setting panel. That is another thing that makes Erahidaeon a great app – its interface.

The interface of the app is extremely slick and easy to use. Apart from the settings page and when your picking the music you want to mark, all of the features of the the app are in one panel. This makes it extremely user friendly. Even if there is trouble when you first use the app, after five minutes of experimenting the interface becomes familiar and easy to use.

Erahidaeon will find its target audience in people who love music, professionally or otherwise. While there are better apps for music professionals, Erhideaon does a great job of making it easy for people who just want to foster a better understanding, particularly the technical aspects, of music. Being able to listen to your favorite part in a song over and over without interruption is great, and many people will appreciate this feature.

Erahidaeon Audio Player requires the iPhone OS 3.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone and iPod Touch.


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