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Price:  $1.99    Rating:  7/10    By Sarah ParkerChessQuizz

Developed by Lionel Goldgewicht, the educational game ChessQuizz aims to improve the player’s chess strategy by having them solve strategical dilemmas from historical and world famous chess games. ChessQuizz consists of 360 different chess problems, with varying degrees of difficulty, to solve in games that are already in progress.

In ChessQuizz, a board is laid out for the player with the game already having been played out to a certain degree. The game posts a question at the bottom of the screen: “Find the best move for white (or black)”.  As a timer counts down, the player must try to figure out the best move for the specified color. You are, however, only allowed to move your pieces in the same manner as the original players of that particular game.  This can be slightly frustrating, because some of the moves do not seem to make sense.

In some scenarios, I could see where a checkmate could take place in fewer moves than the game required. Sometimes you are only allowed to move once, and in other scenarios the player must move several times until checkmate.  The Hint button at the top of the screen reveals the move to the player if they get stuck and cannot figure out the best move. It does, however, still give you a good score when you use the Hint button, so the player can cheat by only relying on hints and still get a good score. ChessQuizz keeps track of your moves and times and your overall score is displayed on a scoring and statistics table that can be reset.

ChessQuizz is a good game for those who want to improve their chess strategy. The multitude of situations available in this app really do help you to think strategically. As mentioned though – it can be slightly frustrating at times. What the game considers a good move, I may not necessarily consider a good move in my own game. There are also a few things that could be done to improve the playing experience.  A pause button on the timer, so the player can step away from the chess problem would be a good addition for one. It would also be helpful if the developer gave some details on the scoring methods of ChessQuizz in the information section, along with an explanation of the score keeping table.

ChessQuizz requires the iPhone OS 2.1 or later and is compatible with both iPhone and iPod Touch.


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