Billing – Your Mobile Credit Card Terminal

Score: 8/10    Price: $19.99    By Joey BrightBilling: Credit Card Terminal

Have you ever found yourself in need of some way to process your credit card payments on the go? While it may only be a small percentage of us, there is a target audience in need of that technology. That is where Billing comes in.

Developed by Spartadata, Billing is an iPhone app that allow merchants to make mobile credit card transactions. The simple interface lets users enter the amount of payment due, credit card information, and even has a system for calculating a tip on the fly. Users of this iPhone app can also set a default tip if their service requires it through the settings. Stats track how much money you are bringing in a day, a week a month, etc. If you own multiple business that utilize Billing, there is an option to be able to manage more than one business.

The best feature of this app is the security. In order to complete transactions, one must have a transaction key as well as an API login. You get this by registering as a merchant through the publisher of the application. This makes it difficult for anyone to steal information from you, even if they have access to your iPhone. Also, the app does not store credit card numbers in it, adding an extra layer of security. After using the credit card, it reverts to only saving the last four digits for identifying purposes. Signatures are needed for all transactions and the signing is done using the touch screen of the iPhone. While the signature might not beautiful or spot on, it allows an extra layer of security. Also, when a customer checks out, he/she has the option to input their email. This allows them to receive an electronic receipt after the transaction is complete.

For only $19.99, Billing provides a cost effective payment solution with all the functionality and flexibility of a mobile credit card terminal.

Billing requires the iPhone OS 3.0 or later and is compatible with both iPhone and iPod Touch.


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  1. Juan C. Oreses says:

    I only wished this was available 3 years ago before I invested $800 on this useless wireless point of sale terminal. Ether way I am loving this app and so are my customers.

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