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Although Well Designed, iDrop Dead is a Bit Violent

TweetPrice: $1.99    Rating: 5/10    By: Sarah Parker The game application, iDrop Dead, developed by ttursas, Ltd., is a slight twist on the traditional rag-doll game. At first I was unfamiliar with this type of game so I did a little research on the subject. Rag-doll physics is a type of computer animation and programming that […]


Boggle for the iPhone a Brand New Twist on an Old Favorite

TweetPrice: $2.99    Score: 7/10    By Kristi Gray Who didn’t love Boggle as a kid?  Developed by Electronic Arts, the classic word game is now available on iTunes.  With the same addictive word-searching gameplay, but shiny new graphics, Boggle is a challenging mental workout for all ages. Boggle is played in three modes—Classic, Advanced and Self-Score. […]