iPhone Facebook 3.0 Brings Host of New Features


Facebook have recently submitted v3.0 of their iPhone app to Apple for approval – meaning that the new version is likely to go live very shortly. The 3.0 update will bring a whole raft of new features – a number of which have already been hinted at by Joe Hewitt, the developer behind the iPhone facebook app in a note he posted to the popular social networking site last month. The list includes:

  • The “new” News Feed
  • Like
  • Events (including the ability to RSVP)
  • Notes
  • Pages
  • Create new photo albums
  • Upload photos to any album
  • Zoom into photos
  • Easier photo tagging
  • Profile Pictures albums
  • A new home screen for easy access to all your stuff, search, and notifications
  • Add your favorite profiles and pages to the home screen
  • Better Notifications (they link to the comments so you can reply)
  • Quickly call or text people right from the Friends page
  • Messages you are typing will be restored if you quit or are interrupted by a phone call

Unfortunately, push notification will not be available until the 3.1 update later this year.

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