Sold! (On my eBay Mobile)

Price: Free!    Score: 9/10    By Rachel HulleBay Mobile

Where would the world be without eBay? In this day and age of frugality, it reigns supreme in finding the best deals for our money. Gone are the days where we must be tied to our computers to buy, sell, search or bid for our favorite items.

With a very simple interface to navigate, finding what you want couldn’t be easier. One use of eBay Mobile and you’ll find that eBay Inc has done a terrific job in streamlining their website into a fast and secure mobile application.

Upon download and opening eBay Mobile, you’ll be greeted with the HOME screen highlighting the best Hot List Deals that you may be interested in. The settings can be personalized for viewing and notification alerts. A “Sign In” button is located here for your convenience, but there are multiple options for access to your eBay account. All navigation buttons are found along the bottom and are minimized to four categories.
•    Home
•    Search
•    My eBay
•    Messages

Once in the Search feature, the inquiry field is at the top while beneath it you will also find a host of (optional) advanced search features. You do not need to have an account or be signed in to search for auctions. For complete use of eBay Mobile you will need to sign up with a user name and password on the main website. Currently, the mobile version does not offer a new account set-up.

The “My eBay” and “Messages” features are accessed with your eBay account information. I really did appreciate that these two aspects were separated. Within “My eBay” you will find what you are watching, buying, and selling. Every detail found in the present auctions and what you have bid or paid for is noted here. For those selling items, you can see what products are active, sold, unsold, and scheduled for sale. The “Messages” feature uses the same format as seen in other email iPhone applications. Once in your inbox, you had the added option for viewing any eBay alerts that you’ve selected.

eBay Mobile has been updated and optimized for iPhone OS 3.0 and you can now even receive push notifications when you’re outbid on an item.

The eBay Mobile application requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later and is compatible with both the iPhone and the iPod Touch.


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7 Responses to “Sold! (On my eBay Mobile)”

  1. Peter J says:

    I would definatly get this app!

  2. David W says:

    I hate to admit, but I use this app more than most of the others on my phone. Very helpful with my ebaydiction problem. Great review and I agree, but I do wish there was an option to sort results more precisely and landscape mode would be helpful too.

  3. Sjr says:

    App is simply not responsive enough in competitive situations even with wifi. Need a real pv for those times.

  4. jonny weston says:

    This app is not the best actually.

    It worked 100% for me no worries for about 9 months on the iPhone 3g, but then…..
    it crashed out one day… and then there was an update from the app store ….

    and since then I have not ever been able to search on the application at all… it just keeps on coming up with a search error.

    I have emailed ebay support for iphone 9 times and they keep saying its the phone. I actually work at the apple store in sydney, and I got the phone checked out and completely reflashed. Then I reinstalled the app…. and the same thing happened again on the new phone. And then ebay said it was my network… so I switched to my other sim card and the same thing still applied! Still completely unfunctional ! !

    What do you reckon to that????

  5. jonny weston says:

    one last thing that I left out was that it the application is fully functional if I connect via my home wifi network!!! but not on 3G or GPRS!

  6. Rachel Hull says:

    You sound like you’ve covered every base. The one thing that you haven’t mentioned that I’d like to ask you about is this. Have you talked to your AT&T (Service Provider) representative about your 3G service specifically?
    Since your phone works with this program via your home wi-fi, your phone and application do not seem to be the problem. In my experience, there are times when I must contact AT&T to have a reset done on the 3G connectivity. My phone was working fine, but I simply either didn’t have 3G (at one time) or the 3G wasn’t working properly (another time). At that time, I had to do a reboot of my phone, and then everything worked properly.
    I certainly do hope this may provide you some assistance. I know how frustrating it is to not be able to utilze every great feature the iPhone provides!

  7. James says:

    My eBay search never works when I use my home wifi but does over normal signal and 3g???

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