Meditation Goes Mobile with Satori Sounds

Price: $0.99    Score: 7/10    By Shaun CampbellSatori Sound - Solfeggio Frequency Theta Binaural Beats Meditations

“Satori” is a Japanese Buddhist term for enlightenment – a word that literally translates as “understanding”. And while Satori Sounds from developer Code Dimensions may not actually help you achieve enlightenment– it is almost guaranteed to help you relax.

Satori Sounds for iPhone features six different tracks for meditation and relaxation. Each of the tracks is set to one of the six Solfeggio Frequencies (the frequencies of Gregorian chant) and features a stereo Theta wave pattern and binaural beat – all set to live nature recordings from the Northern Californian Humboldt Coast. Satori Sounds includes the following tracks:

  • Liberation – waves lapping at a shore – 396hz (UT) plus binaural theta
  • Transformation – steady rain – 528hz (MI) plus binaural theta
  • Changes – running creek and crickets – 417hz (RE) plus binaural theta
  • Spirit – sounds of the forest – 852hz (LA) plus binaural theta
  • Connections – running stream with bird calls – 639hz (FA) plus binaural theta
  • Awakening – bird calls – 741hz (SOL) plus binaural theta

Each track runs for about 12-14 minutes. You have total control over the tracks themselves and can loop, pause, fast forward and rewind. The soundtracks are actually relaxing – and the added effect of digital synthesizers and the Solfeggio frequencies really does improve the overall experience.

Without looping, Satori Sounds features over 1 hour and 20 minutes of total play time – definitely enough to make that next bus trip just a little bit more enlightening.

Satori Sounds requires the iPhone OS 3.0 software update and is compatible with both the iPhone and iPod Touch.

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