Call The Cops – it’s High Speed Chase 2.0 for iPhone

Price: $0.99    Score: 7/10    By Steve GreenhalghHigh Speed Chase 2

Great graphics and easy controls make High Speed Chase 2.0 from Johnny Two Shoes for the iPhone and iPod Touch a must for GTA fans.

We all know the idea behind GTA (Grand Theft Auto) – it’s spawned an entire new genre of car chase games and has set the bar by which all other run-away-from-the-cops games are judged. High Speed Chase is a pretty simple and straight forward game based on this premise and if you enjoy GTA, you’ll enjoy this too.

There aren’t any fancy gimmicks, no massive storylines, but what it does do, it does pretty well. You’re in charge of a car, racing down a freeway trying to avoid the cops. You’ve also got the added task of taking out certain target vehicles along the way. You can destroy the cop cars, target cars and any other cars for that matter by crashing into them, shooting them or driving up a ramp at the side of the freeway and landing on top of them! There are cones to avoid because they slow you down, the cops to avoid because they keep trying to stop you by shooting and crashing into your car, and general traffic to weave through.

Each mission gives you a number of target cars to take out and when complete the mission ends giving you a score or numbers of credits. You can then upgrade your car top speed, your car damage limits and your weapon depending on how many credits you’ve earned. Levels get more complicated the further you go with more take-downs necessary to complete the mission.

The interface is pretty easy to get the hang of – a simple “button” in the bottom left to accelerate, break and steer your car, tap on other cars to shoot at them and a little indicator on the right hand side to show you how near you are to your target vehicle. Naturally your car gets damaged the more crashes you have or the more you get shot at. Realistically, if you veer into oncoming traffic your crashes cause a lot more damage. To recover, simply drive over one of the health power ups which are placed at random along the freeway. You can also drive over the other power up which gives you the ability to swipe other cars out of your way or into the way of the cops!

Overall this is quite a good game which will entice all GTA fans. The fact that the object is fairly simple makes it more appealing to me because there’s no over complicated plots to get frustrated with. The graphics are great and the levels are small enough for you to have a quick go now and then, and importantly it saves your progress at the end of each level.

It could do with a demo or a few screenshots explaining what’s happening because you do kind of jump straight in wondering what’s going on, but maybe that’s just me. What did I expect from a game called High Speed Chase!? The load time can take quite a few seconds and at first I thought it had crashed, but this isn’t a show stopper by any means. There are options available to change the control to tilt and switch off the soundtrack, both being accessed from the iPhone settings menu, not directly within the app.

All in all a pretty good game. You can have a quick crack at a mission when you’ve got a spare five minutes, but it’s also got longevity built in with the challenge of upgrading your car and tackling the later missions as well as different environments to drive in.

Give it a go and let the crazy reckless driver in you escape for a while!

High Speed Chase 2.0 requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later and is compatible with both iPhone and iPod Touch.


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  1. Besides the new control scheme, I absolutely loved High Speed Chase 2. 7/10 is an understatement – with new missions and even weapons the only thing it’s missing is a freeplay mode :( That’s definitely something I missed from the first version. A buck is a spectacular price – great pick up and play app.

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