You’ll Never Forget Anything Again With iPhone Packing List

Price: $2.99    Score: 7/10    By Shaun Campbell Packing List

Packing is never enjoyable. All to frequently it’s left to the absolute last-minute, and all to frequently something is forgotten. And its usually essentials that you’d rather not hunt around for at your destination too – like socks or a toothbrush. Several backpacking trips have taught me the value of a good packing list.

Packing List is a helpful little travel app for the iPhone from developer Tidal Pool Software that you can use to manage your baggage contents on your next trip when the old pen and paper just won’t do.

With Packing List, you can start off by using one of the existing packing-list templates, or create a new list of your own.

When setting up a new list, you simply enter a name for the list, a departure date and then select a template packing list. The pre-loaded packing lists include comprehensive inventories for four different types of travel:

  • Adventure
  • Backpacking
  • Business
  • Vacation

Each of the lists has a male and a female version – with gender-specific necessities included in each.

The lists are very comprehensive, and would probably be overly cumbersome were you to leave them unedited. Not every item will apply to every person, or every kind of trip – thus there is an inherent need with this app to customize the list to suit your personal needs. The “business” list for example, has 76 items – half of which may not be necessary for a given short-stay trip.

You can edit and create new categories of items & add them to your lists. Upon selecting ‘Edit’, many extra options are uncloaked that you can simply tap on to add to the list. There’s everything from Ponchos to Pyjamas. If the item you need isn’t there, you can add your own items to the list. You can include a note with each item with any poignant details such as item value, details etc for insurance purposes. There is also an email export option – allowing you to email yourself an itemized inventory of your suitcase or bag contents.

Packing List also tracks the progress of your ‘pack’ – notifying you of how close to packing everything you are.

My only two complaints about Packing List is that one, you can’t take photos of items, and two – it’s too expensive. For what this app provides, it should be priced at 99c. At $2.99 the value for money is questionable.

Bottom Line: Packing List is a very useful app for the frequent traveler or the forgetful.

Packing List requires the iPhone software update 2.2.1 and is compatible with both the iPhone & iPod Touch.


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