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Price: $1.99    Score: 8/10    By Shaun CampbellFree WiFi Cafe Spots

There is something strangely satisfying about scamming yourself some free WiFi. And it’s not just satisfying – it can be incredibly useful if you don’t have 3G internet or mobile broadband for your laptop. Free WiFi was a god-send when I was traveling – internet cafes are generally expensive (especially in Europe). So with thrift in mind – Free WiFi Cafe Spots has been developed by App Mosaic to help you to locate free internet all around the world.

Free WiFi Cafe Spots’ claim to fame is a list of over 14,000 cafe’s and restaurants with free WiFi in the US, Canada, Europe and Australia. The locations are stored locally so an internet connection isn’t required to find them.

You can list cafe’s near your current geographical location (using GPS), or alternatively you can search by ZIP, post-code or city. The App provides you with a list of cafe’s, bars or restaurants which have free WiFi access in the specified area. If you allow Free WiFi Cafe Spots to use your current location, it will provide you with distances and a compass bearing for each of the venues on the list. Furthermore, tapping on any of the venues will bring up additional information including a contact phone number, restricted/unrestricted WiFi access, signal strength and power outlet access. There is also a link that will take you straight to google maps to show you the location of the venue. Free WiFi Cafe Spots really is an incredibly useful package, and well worth the $1.99 pricetag.

Free WiFi Cafe Spots requires the 2.0 iPhone software update and is compatible with both the iPhone & iPod Touch.


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