Allied Aces: Stunt Pilot is a Real Challenge

Price: $0.99    Score: 7/10    By Shaun CampbellAllied Aces: Stunt Pilot

Allied Aces: Stunt Pilot is a popular new 2D side-scroller from developer Squiddle GamesAllied Aces: Stunt Pilot puts you in the seat of a WW1 fighter – the Sopwith Camel – in an arcade-style stunt flying game that challenges you to navigate a series of floating rings and/or collect stars to progress to the next stage.

Allied Aces: Stunt Pilot uses multi-touch input to control both speed and pitch. You simply swipe your left thumb up or down to control airspeed, while your right thumb controls vertical movement. You can perform tricks by tapping the screen three times and also perform faster turns by using two fingers at once.

The control system does take a bit of getting used to as the aircraft has so much inertia that it’s a bit sluggish to respond to a course correction. I often found myself over or under-shooting targets and having to loop around several times to collect the next star or successfully navigate through a ring. You also have to make sure you enter the rings pretty much dead-straight or you’re likely to clip the edge with a wing, sending you hurtling down towards earth.

Allied Aces: Stunt Pilot features decent, colorful graphics, a rousing musical score and solid sound FX. It’s a good game no doubt – but it could benefit a lot from a few more inclusions. There’s no high scores or leaderboards accessible from the main menu, no sound or music options and the addition of some kind of health system would be great for playability. Allied Aces: Stunt Pilot is a tough game, and with only 3 lives, I found it pretty hard going to get past even the first half-dozen stages.

Bottom Line: A challenging, but fun, scrolling stunt flyer.

Allied Aces: Stunt Pilot requires the 2.1 iPhone OS software update and is compatible with both the iPhone & iPod Touch.


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