Tip Calculator Makes Splitting the Bill Easy

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Splitting a bill in half is easy. But what if you have a group of seven people all ordering different meals and multiple drinks? I can tell you from experience – it gets real messy, real quick. Tip Calculator from developer Raizlabs is a handy little app that prevents half an hour of math and awkward negotiations.  No-one need ever pay more than their fair share again.

Open up Tip Calculator and simply enter in the following information

  • Bill Total
  • Service Tip % (choose from 0%-30%)
  • Number of people splitting the check (upto 30)

Tip Calculator calculates the total to be paid with the tip, and the amount to be paid by each person.

Individual check adjustments can also be made – an extremely useful feature for when one or more people invariably order more expensive food/drink than the rest of the group. Simply alter those individual’s check(s) by hitting the + and – buttons. Tip Calculator will automatically recalculate the new amount that needs to be paid by everyone.

Bottom Line: Easy to use. Saves a lot of bill-splitting headache. Only $0.99

Tip Calculator requires the 2.0 software update and is compatible with both the iPhone & iPod Touch.


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One Response to “Tip Calculator Makes Splitting the Bill Easy”

  1. Jon says:

    Here is one that does everything you need, and it’s based on a Star Rating System that derives the appropriate tip percentage and is fully configurable to your preference.

    The app name is “Rate My Tip”.

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