A Look at The Latest Pocket God Updates

Earlier last month we reviewed what has become one of the most popular iPhone apps on the App Store – Pocket God.

The premise of Pocket God is simple –  You’re a god in control of the fate of a colony of pygmies on a tiny island. You can inflict all kinds of pain on the little guys- from lightning and hurricanes to sharks and volcanoes.

The great thing about Pocket God is that the developers at Bolt Creative are releasing a new update every single week with new features and new content. So far there have been 15 “episodes”, most introducing some new cruel and unusual form of punishment to unleash on your islanders.

Recent updates include the ability to name your islanders and examine little islander “profiles” including stats on the number of sacrifices they have suffered. There’s even a breakdown of the numbers by sacrifice type – drowning, hurricane, shark etc. The very latest update, released on the 27th April, introduces a completely new island with a little out-house where islanders can do their business – and a mysterious egg that is set to feature in future episode releases.

Pocket God requires the 2.0 software update and is compatible with both the iPhone & iPod Touch.


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