Mobile Fotos – Flickr Browser and Uploader for iPhone

Price: $2.99    Score: 9/10    by Steve Greenhalgh Mobile Fotos ? Flickr Browser & Uploader

Mobile Fotos – Flickr Browser & Uploader from XK72 is exactly what it says it is.

I like photography, but would never pretend that I was much use with a camera, but I sure can appreciate a good photograph just like anyone else. I have a Flickr photostream with a bit of content, but really just enjoy browsing other streams. As we all know – a picture can tell a thousand words and stumbling across a good one can be very emotive.

To this end I wanted to find a good Flickr browser for my iPhone and remembered that I had an XK72 app on my jailbroken iPod Touch that was fairly useful. So, I downloaded Mobile Fotos and am so pleased I did. It’s come such a long way since the days of my iPod Touch.

Obviously, to make full use of this app you need a Flickr account and to get started, from within this app you’ll need to authorize Mobile Fotos to access your Flickr photostream. It’s easily done.

Once set-up, you’ll be presented with the centerpiece of this app, the home screen. Here there are links to all the different areas of the app. Links to your photostream, your contacts and your groups are fairly self explanatory if you have a Flickr account. If you haven’t got an account – get one, now!

“You” is the link to your photostream where you can view all your photos, your sets, tags, favorites and contacts.

“Explore” is not suprisingly a way to explore Flickr. A page will open up showing thumbnail views of many photographs with some options along the bottom. These options are to view “interesting” tagged photos, most recent and geotagged photos. There are also two Panda faces (Ling Ling and Hsing Hsing) which link to different photographs set by the moods of each of the Pandas! Basically they’re random, which I think is a pretty good way to explore good photography.

There are many different things you can do with interesting photos that catch your eye when exploring. You can add them to favorites, save, assign to a contact, open in Safari or share the photo. You can also view the photo details such as the title, comments, number of views, when it was uploaded or even add a comment yourself.

“Nearby” is a link to photographs geo-tagged near to your current location. You can set the radius, a time-frame of when the photograph was taken and there’s a further sorting filter too.

“Search” is not just a simple search either. You can search your own, your contacts and everyone’s photos. You can also search groups and people too.

Further down the home screen there is a link to the “Camera” so you can take a picture from within the app, or there’s an “Upload” link to upload photos from anywhere within your iPhone photo library, not just from the camera roll as with some other apps. When uploading a photo you can set a title, description and tags. You can add it to an existing set, a new set or a group. You can add the current location to geotag your photo, set privacy settings, resolution and you can even hide the photo from public searches amongst other options.

Finally on this home screen you have the “Settings” link where you can manage different accounts, set to upload photos automatically and more.

As you can see from the above, this app has many many features. There really aren’t many features or options you could add to improve the app, but XK72 keeps on updating with the current version being 2.4.

So if you’re interested in photography, whether or not you’ve got a Flickr account (get one!), you really should give Mobile Fotos a look. It’s more than worth it at that price.

Mobile Fotos is compatible with iPhone and iPod Touch and requires iPhone 2.0 software update.


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  1. Well it’s always good to have somebody else’s point of view on things don’t you think? Causes you to begin to think properly and freely, so I value your slant on things, even though I may not agree with all that you say.

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