Launch a Hotdog Down a Hallway

Price: $0.99    Score: 8/10   By Shaun Campbell Hot Dog Down a Hallway

Ever heard the expression “It was like throwing a hotdog down a hallway”? The new iPhone game Hot Dog Down a Hallway from Metaversal Studios has drawn on that line as some unlikely inspiration – and taken sexual innuendo in a mobile game to an all new level. Hot Dog Down a Hallway is a hilarious game – and it’s perhaps not played out quite as you’d imagine..

In Hot Dog Down a Hallway, you literally fire a hot dog out of a little meat grinder and down a hallway. The further your little sausage makes it down the hallway, the higher your score. There are a number of items along the way to help you get more a bit more distance – you can bounce of plants and “get blown” along by fans. There are also obstacles to dodge, like crabs (yes…crabs) that will stop you in your tracks.

Control in this game is simple, but not hugely effective.  Once you’ve launched your hot dog, there isn’t too much that you can do. To score well you really do have to get lucky with your bounces, because the position of the objects and obstacles is random and changes each shot. You can tilt the iPhone to slightly adjust your speed. Tilting left slows you down, tilting right speeds you up.

There are a whole bunch of funny little achievements (there are 23 in all) that you can unlock in Hot Dog Down a Hallway – a few examples:

  • Can’t feel the sides – Flying through the air for 75 ft or more without hitting anything
  • Double bag it – hit a floating glove while already wearing one.
  • Watch the teeth – Get chopped up by a fan
  • Money shot – launch the hot dog with max power

It’s not a highly complicated or involved game – but it sure is good for a laugh. The graphics are simple and amusing and the gameplay is great for some immediate pick-up-and-play fun. Definitely one to show your friends.

Hot Dog Down a Hallway requires the 2.0 software update and is compatible with both the iPhone & iPod Touch


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2 Responses to “Launch a Hotdog Down a Hallway”

  1. poppa shobes says:

    This game has really changed the way I look at life. It’s hard to avoid crabs when I throw my wiener at so many things. I just want a fan to blow my hot dog more vigorously.

  2. My weiner reakes, I threw it down a mucky passage.

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