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Price: $1.99    Score: 8/10    by Steve GreenhalghDarkness - Sun, Moon

First things first, Darkness from Bjango is not some daemon or vampire game.

Darkness is a simple, but useful application that tells you the sunrise and sunset times as well as the “moonrise” and “moonset” times and the current moon phase in addition to a whole raft of other features.

The overall style of the application is really Apple-like. Very easy to use, nice colors and a clear presentation. You won’t get lost navigating your way through this app!

You can start by entering your location either manually or by letting the app use your current location via GPS. This doesn’t take long at all, and your almost instantly presented with the sunrise and sunset times for your current location as well as a small graphical representation of how high the sun will be in the sky in real time. You’re also presented with the current moon phase, along with another graphic representation.

I don’t know about you, but I’m not too hot on my knowledge of moon phases. Before using this app I didn’t know my “waxing gibbous” from my “last quarter”, but now I’m fully informed.

As well as your own location, you can add details of several different cities, so you can easily check who might be awake, and who’s dreaming before you make that international phone call.

You can also look into the future and set the time and date to whatever you choose. Useful if you’re maybe planning an outdoor photography session and you need to know when’s the best time to catch the sun in the right place.

Clicking on the moon symbol will take you to a moon page where you can see how long it will be until the next full moon, last quarter, new moon, etc, etc. There’s also more information here on the current azimuth (angle from north) and altitude (angle from the ground) of the moon, again in real time.

Clicking on your current location will take you to a page displaying a map of the world along with yet more information. As well as sun and moon rise and set times you will find the current azimuth and altitude of the sun, along with dawn and dusk times. You also get the total time of daylight for that particular day. If you click on the arrows at the top of the screen, you can go on a world tour as the app cycles through your saved locations accompanied by the sound of an airplane flying back and forth.

There’s an options page where you can alternate the time between 12 and 24 hour display, turn on or off the sound effects, and you can turn the world map on or off.

All in all this is a pretty good app. Useful if you’ve got friends around the globe, if you’re a keen photographer and of course, if you’re mad on astronomy. The look and feel of the app make it good to look at, with an simple to use interface.

Once again, when developers keep things simple, they make good apps.

Darkness requires the 2.0 software update and is compatible with both the iPhone & iPod Touch.


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