Bowman Fires on Target

Price: $0.99    Score: 7/10    By Shaun Campbell Bowman

Bowman, the classic online flash game has been brought to the iPhone by developer Lentrica Software. Bowman is a turn-based archery game, somewhat similar in concept to popular aim-and-shoot artillery games like iShoot.

Bowman is a one-on-one contest where players square off and take it in turns firing arrows at each other. But you can’t see your enemy – you’re firing blind. You have to adjust your power and trajectory in a process of trial and error to land a hit. Adding to the challenge, your maximum power drops after each arrow you fire – so you have to keep adjusting the angle to stay on target. You can play either versus a friend or against the CPU.

The controls in Bowman are simple and intuitive. Touch and slide your finger back to increase the power of the shot, then move your finger to adjust your trajectory. Easy. A black line on the screen indicates your angle of fire in degrees from the horizontal.

Bowman also features a duck shooting game, which uses the same game principles as the turn-based game mode, but is much faster-paced. You control a lone archer and try to pick off as many birds that flying over-head as you can. The faster the birds are flying, the more points they are worth. The aim is get the highest score you can in three minutes. The latest Bowman update also brings the addition of a high score leaderboard.

The graphics and sound in Bowman are both quite simplistic as per the online game, but I think in this case, the simplicity does not detract from the gameplay.

Bowman requires the 2.2 software update and is compatible with both the iPhone & iPod Touch.


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