GunApp Misfires

Price: Free    Score: 4/10    By Shaun Campbell GunApp

GunApp is a simple, free app that simulates the sounds of 11 different guns & from developer Felix Khazin. It might look like a game, but its kind of more like the firearm equivalent of a fart app. It’s just photos & sound effects. The latest update has thrown in a few new weapons into the mix and now GunApp includes:

  • 5 machine guns
  • 3 hand guns
  • 1 shotgun
  • knife
  • grenade
  • RPG

Tap the screen once for a single shot, tap and hold for auto fire. You can also shake the iPhone to reload. Tapping the bottom right hand corner allows you to choose a different gun.

The sound effects in GunApp are OK. Not great by any stretch. The app is free, so you can’t expect too much…but the whole thing just feels rushed. However, the one thing though that kills GunApp for me – is advertising. GunApp has a big, obtrusive banner that pops up on every screen. Plus it’s kind of juvenile. Fail.

GunApp requires the 2.2 software update and is compatible with both the iPhone & iPod Touch


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3 Responses to “GunApp Misfires”

  1. Moris says:

    Why gun shots? isn’t that a little stressful?
    I would like an app that would make animal sounds or fart sounds, now that would be funny…
    Moris from

  2. Theawesomegerman says:

    This is the old OLD gunapp. The newest one is awesome and way better

  3. Looks like just another simple app. not worth much.
    I hope the sound effects are in good quality, that’s the minimum for such an app.

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