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Price: $1.99    Score: 5/10    By Shaun Campbell iRomantic

In need of romantic inspiration? The iPhone is the last place most people would think to turn to for advice, but iRomantic is designed to help. From developer iDear Applications, iRomantic is an app for couples that features a list of 200+ ideas to help spice up your relationship.

You can scroll through the romantic tips and suggestions, search by keyword and also shake your iPhone for a random idea. Once you’ve come across an idea you like, you can add it to a list of favourites or even email it to a friend. Some of the tips that include a suggestion of an SMS message for example, link directly to that application so you can act on the idea with only one tap.

Tips vary in quality and include the obvious, the interesting, and the somewhat creepy. Some random examples include:

  • “Go to a florist and buy a bouquet of flowers, for no reason at all”
  • “Book a hotel for the night at the last minute. Surprise your partner by giving them a night away.”
  • “Write “I’m hot for you” in the steam on the bathroom mirror before your partner takes a shower.
  • “Mail a lock of your hair to your partner”

Most of the ideas are ok, but a lot of them are pretty cheesy (Buy some bananas and leave it with a note that says “I’m bananas for you”)…? Really? In any case, you wouldn’t use all of them, but there are a lot of ideas that come with this app = lots of choice. If you can find one idea that will work that you wouldn’t have otherwise thought of – then it’s probably $1.99 well spent.

iRomantic requires the 2.0 software update and is compatible with both the iPhone & iPod Touch


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  1. Katrina says:

    I must admit its iRomantic is a handy app to have and I agree with the review above “You wouldn’t use all of them, but there are a lot of ideas that come with this app = lots of choice” Thanks iRomantic.

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