Whack ‘Em All is Walloping Good Fun

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Price: $0.99    Score: 8/10   By Shaun Campbell Spazzle!

Pick up and play games are great. No learning curve, no instructions – just pure, simple fun. Whack ‘Em All (Now Spazzle!) from Fairlady Media is the epitome of pick up and play games, and a good one at that.

All manner of furry creatures pop up Whack a Mole style and you ‘whack’ them with your finger. The more you whack the better your score. Easy. Miss a creature though, and you lose a life at the end of the round! It can be quite challenging to keep 100% accuracy, which is pretty much needed, as you only get 3 lives.

There are bonuses like mallets, extra lives and time bonuses to pick up – and fluffy little kitties to try and avoid! You can tap multiple creatures at once and even shake your phone to stun the creatures for bonus points. The game starts out with only moles to whack, but later levels increase both the number of creatures that give you points, but also the number of cats that give you penalties. It gets pretty fast-paced and it can be hard to keep up the accuracy.

The graphics are very attractive -they’re basic, but perfect for a game of this type. The music is all original and has a crazy country feel to it.

Whack ‘Em All requires the 2.1 software update and is compatible with both the iPhone & iPod Touch.


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