Vibrating Massager Turns iPhone into….a Vibrator

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Price: $0.99    Score: 5/10   By Shaun CampbellVibrating Massager FREE

Oh yes. You read correctly.

It’s being marketed as a “massager”, but it only takes a very brief look at the comments on iTunes to figure out what this app is really being used for.

Vibrating Massager from developer Savy Soda was first released as a free app, but now sells for $0.99. It features two “massager” designs – each with three levels of vibration intensity. Or I should say frequency actually – the “intensity” of the pulses doesn’t change, they just get faster. You can change this setting using the on-screen slider.

The developer notes that each of the massager designs has different vibration characteristics, but I didn’t note any difference between the two.

Vibrating Massager requires the 2.2 software update and ONLY works on the iPhone.


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One Response to “Vibrating Massager Turns iPhone into….a Vibrator”

  1. Debbie Miller says:

    OK, please, use your iPhone for all the stuff iPhone is meant for but as a vibrator use something else… :) I love iPhones too much.. but still …I see it´s not enough!

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