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The iPhone App Review recently spoke with Sherwin Zadeh, the developer from Artamata behind the new photo-manipulation app Artists Touch. He answered our questions regarding app development for the iPhone & iPod Touch.

1. How did you get into iPhone app development?

In my 20 years as a developer, I haven’t been as excited to work on a
platform as I have on the iPhone. The iPhone platform opens up a whole
new world to developers with its touch screen, its accelerometer and
GPS. You’re really limited only by your imagination.

2. Where did your inspiration for Artist’s Touch come from?

The inspiration for Artist’s Touch came from my kids. I wrote a similar
application on the PC a few years ago, but my kids could never figure
out the hand-eye coordination to paint well on a PC. When I saw my
two-year-old using an iPhone, I was inspired to bring that painting app
to the iPhone so that anyone can use it, regardless of age or artistic

3. What do you think separates Artist’s Touch from other photo apps
available on the App Store?

Artist’s Touch is the only paint app that allows anyone, regardless of
artistic skill, to paint a truly personalized masterpiece. With Artist’s
Touch, you don’t need to be a professional illustrator or an art school
graduate to use the app.  You can create a work of art by doing a lot
more than just using a standard photo effect.

You start by taking a photo or picking one from your photo gallery.
Artist’s Touch then creates a blueprint of your photo — much like a
coloring book. Then, you have the freedom to paint from a large
selection of natural media: everything from oil paint, water color and
airbrush, to more creative styles, like scratch board. As you paint,
Artist’s Touch chooses the right colors from your photo, but paints the
stroke to match the medium you selected. You can control the amount of
abstraction and detail by changing the brush size. This technique gives
you a lot of creative power. Let’s say you have a photo of multiple
people, but you only want to paint your child. You can paint everyone
abstractly with a large brush, but use a small one on your child to make
him or her the focus of the painting.

Artist’s Touch is incredibly powerful and easy to use. And you can see
how it differs from other paint apps that just automatically apply some
kind of filter to your painting. You just don’t have the ability to
express yourself creatively with the other photo apps.

4. What is your favorite feature of Artist’s Touch?

My favorite media in Artist’s Touch is the scratch board. In art school,
we would do this by scratching on a specially colored board with an
X-Acto knife. Artist’s Touch recreates this beautiful technique in a
natural way with your finger.  Also, I love that there is such a wide
selection of natural brushes and media tools – like oil, water color and
pastels – that look just like the real thing when you paint with them.

5. How did you decide on the $4.99 price-point?

We wanted to be able to offer the lowest price to our customers, while
still being able to maintain the high quality of our application.  We
want everyone to be able to express their inner artist, and $4.99 is a
great price that is very accessible to nearly everyone.

6. Are sales of Artist’s Touch meeting your expectations?

Our strategy has always been to provide quality apps that provide a lot
of benefit and long-term enjoyment, so it has never been about just
making a “quick buck.”  Apple’s iPhone App Store is an amazing ecosystem
that puts a developer’s apps literally at the fingertips of customers.

Compared to experiences we’ve had selling on other platforms, this is
really a developer’s dream come true, and we’re very excited.  We’re
more interested in creating a full suite of beneficial, entertaining
applications, rather than making the next easy money maker.  At the same
time, we’d love to be selling not only a quality app, but one that
becomes a user favorite!

7. Do you have any plans for future apps?

We have many exciting apps in development! In the next few weeks and
months we’re launching several new apps for parents and families. Check
out our company link on iTunes for more:

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