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Price: Free   Score: 5/10   By Shaun Campbell Burning Tires? 3D Lite

Burning Tires Lite is the free version of the 3D off-road racer from mobile games developer Fishlabs.

Burning Tires Lite features two tracks and one car. The tracks are both sizeable outdoor courses – “Heatwave”, a desert canyon run, and “Inferno”, which winds through a barren lava field. They are both 2 lap races against 3 computer opponents.

The graphics in Burning Tires are OK, but nothing special. The textures aren’t all that detailed and the terrain does have some clipping issues. Control wise, you have the option of either accelerometer or touch control.  I found it a lot easier to maneuvre the car using touch as the tilt controls are a little sketchy. Accelerometer control is the default however, and thanks to a recent update, sensititvity can be improved by making an adjustment in the game options.

Overall, Burning Tires Lite is a pretty average racer – definitely try out “Lite” before you lay down some cash for the full version.

If you are interested, the full version features:

  • 12 different tracks in 3 different locations
  • 7 cars (6 to unlock)
  • Trophies
  • Advanced 3D car physics
  • Action replay
  • Accelerometer or touch steering
  • Particle & weather effects

Burning Tires Lite requires the 2.0 software update and is compatible with both the iPhone & iPod Touch.


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