Vinnie Jones Wake Up Call is An Alarm With Attitude

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Price: $1.99    Score: 6/10    By Shaun CampbellVinnie Jones Wake Up Call

The Vinnie Jones Wake Up Call is for all those mornings when it will take nothing short of a tough-guy yelling abuse to get you out of bed. The app was developed by Branded Research in association with Jones’ himself and features 19 different quotes from his movies and 8 recorded just for iPhone.

The Vinnie Jones Wake Up Call is simple enough to use – choose a wake-up time, select a wake-up quote and you’re set.

There are a few quality lines, like this classic from Snatch,

  • “The fact that you’ve got replica written down the side of your guns, and the fact that I’ve got Desert Eagle .50 written down the side of mine, should precipitate your balls into shrinking along with your presence. Now get lost.”

A selection of the others – some more appropriate as a “wake-up” call;

  • “Oi Elvis! Two beers!”
  • “If you think you’re hard, I’ll show you what hard is mate.”
  • “A busy mind is a happy mind”
  • “If you wanna be a pro footballer, you’ll never do it smoking like that son.”
  • “Get up. It’s a man’s game”

The quotes in this app weren’t actually just pulled from their various movies, they were re-recorded with Vinnie himself. If you were planning on using The Vinnie Jones Wake Up Call for said purpose, rather than just comic relief, there is a unique wake up call for each day of the week, e.g

“Oi! It’s Monday morning – GET OUT OF BED!!”

I prefer to be woken up a bit more gently in the morning, but if you need the encouragement and don’t mind the $1.99 price-tag- The Vinnie Jones Wake Up Call isn’t a bad option.

If an angry English soccer hooligan can’t get you up, nothing will.

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  1. Matt says:

    Thanks for the review Shaun. If anyone has any questions on the app you can find us on facebook by searching Vinnie Jones Wake Up Call or the same on WordPress. Look or more Wake Up Calls to come.


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