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Price: $4.99    Rating: 7/10    By Shaun CampbellSquiggles

Squiggles is a native paint and image manipulation app for the iPhone & iPod Touch developed by Scott Squires of Squires Studios.

Squiggles has a lot of features, from simple paintbrushes to stamps, overlays, image filters and layer manipulation – even PhotoBooth style image distortion. You can select a few pre-loaded portrait or landscape backgrounds to work with, or you can even import one of your own iPhone photos. Adding funny overlays like hats, glasses, speech boxes and text to photos of your friends & family is probably one of the most immediately gratifying features in Squiggles. You can save your completed works of art straight to your Photos folder.

The Squiggles UI is also intuitive and easy to use. Tool selection, color selection & brush selection are all unobtrusively located along the bottom of the screen, along with the most important tool of all – Undo. Although frustratingly, you can only go back one move. You can sketch or doodle with 7 different hard brush sizes plus 3 additional soft brushes.

Squiggles also comes with the other following tools:

  • Erase
  • Clone
  • Stamps
  • Overlays
  • Text.

My only complaint about Squiggles is that it is very hard to draw with any precision. Not that the blame for this can be placed with the developer, its more a product of the iPhone touch interface and the ungainly size of human fingers.

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3 Responses to “Squiggles – More Than Just a Simple Paint App”

  1. One of the things to help with more precise painting is using the finger offset, unique with Squiggles. This allows you to see a cursor exactly where the paint will be applied instead of the paint being covered by your finger.

    There’s also Paint Smoothing built-in that will smooth your brush strokes even though your finger motion may not be the smoothest.

    There’s also smart shapes to make circles, straight lines and even squares based on cruder versions you paint.

    The user has full control of these functions in the preferences settings so it can be customized to your way of drawing or the specifics of what you’re trying to do now.

    See the demo video at the website to see these tools in action.

  2. Undo – There is currently only one undo (more to come in future version) but it’s not quite as limited as it sounds. Erase tool works like the magic erase tool. It will erase back to your starting image so even if you’ve over painted you can erase areas of the paint back to the original where desired. This actually allows you to do some interesting effects.

    Just like graphic pros do on desktop systems you can save versions when you’ve made a significant change. Should you decide to revert to a previous in progress version simply select it from the camera roll. The only limit of this the overlays are flattened. You can keep these intermediate images as long as you like or delete them off your phone.

  3. Big improvments with 1.5 for OS 3. Copy/Paster, user image overlays, more color choices, frames, etc.
    20 level undo coming in 1.6

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