Sound Grenade Kills The Party

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Price: Free    Score: 6/10    By Shaun CampbellSound Grenade

What IS that annoying noise?!? Is it coming from your iPhone?!? Yes, yes it is. It’s Sound Grenade – an app that produces a very loud, very irritating noise. It’s like a dog-whistle – but for people.

Sound Grenade’s developer, High Gloss, states that this app will give you “instant crowd control” if your party gets a bit out of hand. Just plug your iPhone (or iPod) into some speakers and watch as people run and cower from the “really, really annoying, nauseating and headache producing high pitched sound.”

Open up the app, and there’s really only one button to press – Activate.  Sound Grenade v1.1 also has an a new motion-activated alarm and a timer for so-called “stealth attacks”.

Sound Grenade also works with the iPhone’s native speakers, and it’s surprisingly loud. Great for annoying friends and family (if you’re so inclined).


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2 Responses to “Sound Grenade Kills The Party”

  1. Jonathan Hensley says:

    This app blew out my iphone speakers.

  2. james bond says:

    this app made meh sister go crazy i turned it up anyways hehehe

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