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Price: $0.99    Score: 7/10    By Shaun Campbell Next Read

Finding your next book has never been easier. Next Read from Square Wheel Software puts all the information you need right at your fingertips.

Next Read makes smart use of Amazon’s comprehensive database of books.  Simply enter in the book title or keyword to search the thousands of titles available. Tap on any book to retrieve handy at-a-glance information, including; cover photo, author & publisher, binding type, number of pages, ISBN & sales rank. From this screen it’s only one more tap to add the book to your wish-list.

If you’re an avid reader you can enter and track book recommendations from multiple sources. Seen a book mentioned in a newspaper, a magazine or on TV? Add it to the list. Or if, you’re like me, and can never decide which book to get in Borders or Barnes & Noble, Next Read lets you search titles and read Amazon customer reviews while in the bookstore over 3G.

You can add to your list on-the-go, with those books recommended to you from your most valued sources floating to the top of the list. If you know a friend who always recommends great books, or a newspaper columnist who has great taste – you can assign those sources higher “value”. It’s a novel way to work out what you really want to read next and useful feature for the true bookworm, but less so for the casual reader.

If you read a lot, Next Read is definitely worth a look.


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  1. TBush says:

    I’m a relatively new iPhone owner and am just getting into “apps”. I’m also an avid reader and I absolutely LOVE this app; it is definitely what I need since I read so much!! I’m looking forward to discovering what else I can do with this (i.e. sharing with iPhone friends).

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