iSteam App is a Lot of Hot Air

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Price: $0.99   Score: 4/10iSteam - Hot and Steamy Entertainment By Shaun Campbell

iSteam is quite possibly the most pointless app for the iPhone.

Actually, let me re-phrase that. The most pointless popular app for the iPhone. At the time of downloading, iSteam was sitting conspicuously atop the most downloaded list in the App Store. And by my count, it was there for more than a week. But it’s not free anymore – it’s 0.99c. And in my opinion, that’s 99 cents too many. Yes, I’ll admit there are a lot of pointless apps out there, but at least iFart does something.

Developed by Konstantinos Eleftheriou, iSteam basically simulates a foggy glass window on your iPhone screen. You can draw on the ‘window’ with your finger, leaving a trace in the condensation. It’s kind of like making a smiley face in the mirror after a shower. The “window” unfortunately has a big black iSteam logo behind it, which kind of ruins the effect somewhat. You can change the background image to one of your own, however.

Despite it’s lack of utility, iSteam does show off some pretty cool tech. Blowing into the microphone steams up the screen, while tilting the device alters the path of the little water droplets that form in the wake of your finger. It’s just that it’s not quite cool enough to justify paying for.

N.B you can’t actually steam up the home screen as shown in the video below:


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  1. Shir says:

    Hi there. iSteam’s competitor iFog is still free and has more features. I prefer it now that iSteam have the nerve to charge $0.99 for such basic app…call me crazy, but what happened to all the good apps?

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