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Price: $0.99    Score: 7/10    by Shaun Campbell Space Storm

Cosmo Hero is a new side-scrolling shooter for the iPhone from developer Dava Consulting. Cosmo Hero follows in the wake of the success of Space Deadbeef – an arcade-style shoot-em-up that hit number one in the free app store following its release.

Cosmo Hero puts you at the helm of a little spaceship in the heat of a galactic battle. In true side-scroller tradition, the ammunition flows freely & upgrades are a-plenty. You don’t actually even have to fire your weapons – they’re stuck on auto-fire. You just plow the sky.

There are several different weapons at your disposal in Cosmo Hero. You pick up new weapons via upgrades, which are released by destroying enemy ships. Unfortunately, I found that the weapons themselves are not that impressive. Other upgrades include increased life, speed and power. Cosmo Hero also has a unique game feature called Time Warp, which you can activate when things get a little out of control. Time Warp slows down the enemy (including enemy fire) allowing you to the time to take them out.

Cosmo Hero features a short tutorial which shows you the ropes, but its easy to jump straight into the action. You can swap between touch and accelerometer control as you please. I found touch control to offer a little bit more precision, which is especially helpful when dodging missiles or asteroids.

Great graphics and a rockin’ guitar powered soundtrack fill out what is, for 0.99c, a very solid game.

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