Beer Pong Challenge

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Price: Free    Score: 6/10    By Shaun CampbellBeer Pong Challenge

Frat boys and lads the world over rejoice. Beer pong has made its way to the iPhone.

Whether it coincides with Apple’s relaxing of 3rd Party content restrictions or not, it was really only a matter of time before drinking games made their way into the App Store. Beer pong is a game for the people, and Beer Pong Challenge keeps the proletarian spirit alive with its people pleasing price.

Developed by Jeremy Lazarus, Beer Pong Challenge simulates classic 6 or 10-cup play in your very own virtual garage. You can play against a buddy or compete against your own scores in single player mode.

Controls in Beer Pong Challenge are pretty simple and intuitive. A little red target oscillates back and forth across the table, all you do is have to get the timing and positioning right. Tilting the iPhone adjusts the target left and right, and a quick tap releases the ball towards the cups. You can hold down the button if you want the camera to follow the flight of the ball.

The graphics aren’t bad, and look a lot better since the recent update. You can even take a photo of yourself with your high score and it’ll get loaded up onto the garage wall like a poster. Nice touch. It’s still a little buggy though. Be sure to re-boot before you play or the game will crash before it even starts.

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