Touch Hockey: FS5 Free

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Touch Hockey is the kind of simple, pick-up-and-play game that’s perfect for the iPhone.

There are several different air hockey games on the App Store, but not many are free. Touch Hockey has most of the features of the others, but won’t cost you a penny. It’s ad-supported but the ads only appear after 5 minutes of play. Developed by FlipSide5, Touch Hockey does a great job of emulating the classic table game.

The iPhone touch controls are used to full effect in Touch Hockey. You move your paddle around by touching & holding your finger on the screen, and flick your finger to strike the puck. One gripe here though – you can’t lift your finger off the screen or your paddle disappears, and trying to move your finger quickly while its pressed down against the screen can be difficult.

Touch Hockey features include:

  • 4 game length settings (4, 7, 9 & 11 points)
  • 3 goal size settings
  • WiFi local-network multiplayer
  • Topping support (trap puck under paddle)
  • Realistic graphics and sounds
  • Instant replay (annoying but can be turned off)

My advice is that if you like air hockey at all, then give Touch Hockey a try.

Note: You must be connected to the internet (to download in-game ads) the first time you play.


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  1. Katie Shaw says:

    This game is awesome! Way better than some of the other versions that are out there. Nice post!

  2. sophie says:

    I Like to read about free internet games.Got your page on Tuesday.Your Post Touch Hockey: FS5 Free | The iPhone App Review : iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad App News ; Reviews is really Nice.Thanks.

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