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Price: Free    Score: 7/10    By Shaun CampbellTopple

Topple is a popular game from developer Ngmoco. To celebrate the release of Rolando, Ngmoco has dropped the 0.99c price-tag and is offering Topple for free. Drawing a lot of inspiration from Tetris, Topple is a made-for-iPhone game that is instantly familiar but at the same time refreshingly new.

The aim of the game is to stack and balance Tetris-style blocks as high as you can before the timer runs out. With each passing level, the minimum height requirement for your tower-of-blocks increases. You can try your luck and stack haphazardly for quick height, but watch out – if your tower becomes too unstable it will fall over!

You can drag and rotate the richly colored blocks, using multi-touch to pick the perfect orientation for stacking. But these aren’t any old Tetris blocks – Topple features expressive little pieces with animated faces that smile and frown in response to your actions.

Topple skillfully integrates both touch and accelerometer controls into the gameplay. The higher your tower gets, the more it wobbles and sways – tilt the iPhone to straighten your tower and stop it from collapsing. With 9 levels of gameplay and a lot of replayability, Topple has a lot to offer.

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