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Swat is a free game with a simple concept. Dozens of flies buzz around on the screen and you have to try and swat as many as you can. There are 10 levels, each with increasing difficulty. To mix things up there are also bees which you have to avoid and butterfly’s to try and ‘catch’.

This is a basic whack-a-mole affair, but Swat isn’t without its problems. The game just doesn’t respond well enough to your finger taps. You will find yourself swiping madly at flies, but to no effect. There is also the odd butterfly that you are encouraged to catch, but the game can’t seem to differentiate between the finger-pinching action needed to do so and a normal tap. You just end up with a squished bug.

The graphics and sound in Swat are not OK, but game-play is what makes or breaks a game – and Swat is mediocre at best.


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