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iPint is a fun little “beer simulation” for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Developed for Coors Brewers Ltd, iPint is a heavily branded piece of marketing for the Carling brand of beer. iPint features a “barslide” game in addition to the Carling virtual beer.

The object of the game is to navigate a pint down the bar into the waiting hands of an eager punter, whilst dodging bowls of bar snacks, bottles and other pub paraphernalia. If you can make it to the end, you’re prize is a virtual beer!

Its a simple game, but will amuse for a few minutes, and is really just an adjunct to the main function of iPint – the transformation of your iPhone into a cool glass of beer. When you start the iPint application you have the option of playing the barslide game to “win” a pint or you can just get straight down to business. Clicking on iPint will turn your screen into a frosted glass, complete with condensation and a Carling logo (but of course). Tapping on the screen will initiate “pouring” and your glass will fill up with a bubbling amber fluid from the bottom up, complete with foamy head.

iPint uses the built-in accelerometer to sense your movements, enabling you to “drink the beer” by raising your glass and tilting your iPhone, just as you would a real beer. Of course it serves no real purpose, but show your buddies and they’ll probably think it’s the coolest thing ever.

But just when you thought iPint might be seen to be encouraging, or even glamorizing alcohol consumption – iPint features a rather amusing disclaimer “You must be over your country’s legal drinking age to use this application.” So make sure you’re of age folks, because we wouldn’t want any unlawful underage virtual beer drinking. It’s bad for your health.

iPint is free to download and is available from the App Store now.


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5 Responses to “iPint – Virtual Beer App”

  1. dennis says:

    I can’t find this app on the australian store – any chance of links on your reviews rather than using itunes terrible search system?

  2. I actually had a look on the App Store the other day for iPint – seems as though it’s been taken down. Looks like all the other alternatives cost money unfortunately

  3. Yay4UK says:

    Well, it’s on the UK store so…f**k you I guess! ;o)

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  5. cicalany says:

    PLS !
    Could you make this app available worldwide or at least for Hungary?

    Thank you ! <3

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