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Written iPhone Optical Illusions App Review

EyeTricks is a free app that is best filed under ‘novelty’.

EyeTricks is basically a collection of just that –  optical illusions that play ‘tricks’ on your eyes. Some of them you would no doubt have seen before, but there is certainly some originality here. There are 30 illusions in total – each with its own instructions.

The pop-up instructions are necessary, as different tricks require you to do different things in order for them to work. For some illusions you need to stare at a certain point, or move the screen or even “look at a bright light”.

Some of the illusions are definitely more effective or more engaging than others – one I was impressed by was called “Coral Reef”. Here’s how it works:

  • You stare at black dot in the middle of a picture. (the picture is an orange outline of a reef)
  • After 30 seconds of staring, you tap the screen.
  • All of a sudden the picture of the coral comes into full color.
  • Look away from the black dot though, and you realize that it’s a black & white photo!
  • Your brain created the color – it was never there!

I’m not sure how often you’ll use EyeTricks, but in my opinion, the novelty factor it provides (however short-lived) warrants checking it out. I showed a friend of mine the Coral Reef illusion and they were blown away.


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