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5800+ Drink & Cocktail Recipes is the name of the app that contains the largest freely available database of alcoholic drinks and cocktails for the iPhone

Considering how much most people enjoy a drink, it’s not surprising that Drink & Cocktail Recipes regularly sits in the top 10 most downloaded list in the App Store.

I didn’t count all the drinks to double-check the claimed 5800+, but there are a lot of drink recipes that come with this app. From the Martini to Abe’s Tropical Night in Hell – there are many to choose from. The drinks are sorted alphabetically, using the same interface that the iPod uses to sort music. You can scroll through the list, or search, to locate a desired drink. Each recipe lists the ingredients required and gives brief instructions on creating that drink. You add drinks to a list of favorites which is very handy.

You can find drinks by category, i.e beer, cocktail, milk, liqueur – but one major down-side to Drink & Cocktail Recipes is that you can’t search by ingredient or keyword. So if you know that you’re looking for a vodka-based cocktail, but can’t remember the name, there’s no way to search for drinks containing vodka. Also very frustrating if you only have a few ingredients and want to know what kind of alcoholic creations are possible.

5800+ Drink & Cocktail Recipes also has a tendency to crash. It’s been stable the last few times I’ve used it, but repeatedly crashed back to the iPhone ‘home’ screen when I first downloaded it.

Overall a good app, and very useful for a party or a night on the town – but still a little glitchy. If the inclusion of the aforementioned search functions were to happen, this would definitely be a 5-star…but it’s not there yet.


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2 Responses to “Drink & Cocktail Recipes App”

  1. Joe says:


    The search by ingredient function has been added in the latest update.

  2. Tricia says:

    This is a great app for cocktail. If you’re looking for fun with a similar app check out iShot Machine, a shot recipe app. It’s like a slot machine that rewards you with liquor shots.

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