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DigiDrummer Lite is a free drum emulation app for the Apple iPhone. It’s basically a stripped down version of DigiDrummer, the full-featured older brother.

DigiDrummer Lite provides you with a basic virtual ‘kit’, on which you can fool around and create some simple beats. This “Lite” version comes with a kick (bass), snare, open/closed high-hat, tom 1, tom 2, crash cymbal and ride cymbal.

The pieces of kit are only visually identifiable in this app by their labels – the graphical interface represents each piece via a touch-sensitive circle (practice pads for those of you who know what they are).

As far as accuracy of sound goes, it really is quite reasonable for an iPhone application. My only complaint here is that the relative volume of the individual pieces is a little bit off. The bass kick is just not loud enough, and the high-hat is probably too loud (relatively).

DigiDrummer Lite in action:


Unfortunately, due to DigiDrummer Lite’s “Lite” status as a free application, it really lacks any of the cool functionality of the paid-app version.

I’ve listed here the main features missing in DigiDrummer Lite but available with the full version:
– Choice of drum sets
– Recording and Playback
– Storage of beats in a “Beat Library”

So yes, those are some cool features…but its up to you to decide whether you think they’re worth paying for.

In the end, DigiDrummer Lite is a free app. And with that in mind, it does what it intends to do reasonably well. If you’re a drummer then you’ll probably find it more interesting (or frustrating). Otherwise, you’ll probably only get a few minutes of novelty out of it.


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  1. Dave says:

    Digi drummer has been eclipsed now by MAPEX drum masterclass which has just come out. It got 9/10 from a recent iPhone world review and a gold award too.

    MAPEX drum masterclass actually teaches you to read drum music properly and also has top notch drum sounds from the MAPEX range of drums. You should definately check it out.

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