Checkers Free

Written iPhone Game App Review

Checkers Free has just been released to the App Store by Optime Software and brings the classic board game to your iPhone or iPod Touch.

With 1-player and 2-player gameplay, solid graphics and a host of features, Checkers Free is a pretty decent package considering the pricetag of $0.

Just don’t expect to win. The computer opponent is something of a checkers savant, and I found it akin to playing against Rain Man. You can adjust the difficulty level, so I did, but still lost.

The great thing about checkers however, is that everyone knows how to play. Two-Player mode in Checkers Free is a redeeming addition and lets you and a buddy battle it out on the same screen.

I’d give it 3.5 stars but the inclusion of “unobtrusive” banner advertising loses Checkers Free some points.


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