Banner Free – Scrolling Message App

Written iPhone Utility App Review

Banner Free is an app that allows you to input a short text message that will then be displayed on the iPhone screen in scrolling LED-matrix style.

It’s kind of neat, but then again it’s kind of useless too. The message scrolls across the screen far too slowly for anyone to be bothered in taking the time to read it. For example, it takes 20 seconds to completely scroll the message “useless application”. There are no options to control speed, colour, size etc. I’d recommend Banner Free for bored students as a way to covertly communicate in class – but not to anyone else.

There is a paid version of this app by the same developer called “Banner” that addresses some of the shortcomings of the free version – speed control, colors, shapes are all featured. The dilemma still remains finding an actual situation that could use Banner, however.


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